Kayak Adventure

Over the last few years I've managed to paddle the length of the Murray River - Australia's longest - between the Hume Dam and Lake Alexandrina. Part 3 of my Journal 'And Finally, The First Bit...' is FINALLY available for download! This third and not-quite-final chapter of my kayaking journey documents 5 days spent paddling between the Hume Dam and Lake Mulwala in April 2008. During early 2009 I paid a quick visit to the Coorong Lakes in South Australia and I'm heading to the lower reaches of the Glenelg River in late April. Photos from these trips will appear on my flickr pages. In the meantime, be sure to download my first 3 journals. These give a stroke by stroke account of my 2000+km journey between Albury and Lake Alexandrina. There are heaps of photos and plenty of tales told. I hope you enjoy them. Download below!

Also below are links to my photo galleries on Flickr and you can follow me down the river on
(Twitter feed below).

A big thanks goes out to everyone who supported me along the way.

Contact: tim@timshoney.com.au
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